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Fan Favourite - Lance Pitlick



Painful Goodbye - by Bruce Garioch

How to stay in coach Jacques Martin's favour.
"Take a stupid penalty and you won't play again, bud," Pitlick told Tetarenko, chuckling. "Figure it out. It's just like with (Mike) Keenan."

Lance Pitlick

Senators fans who love hockey for its body contact miss Lance Pitlick and the bone-jarring body checks he used to deliver.

DON BRENNAN -- Ottawa Sun

On support from former players during the Sens financial troubles.
"The first two calls I got when all of this happened were from (former players) Lance Pitlick and Ron Tugnutt. These guys care about this team and they care what happens here. We've got a lot of good people here."

Roy Mlakar

"I miss the people in Ottawa. I had a lot of fun while I was there and we were active in the community."

Lance Pitlick.

"My best memories are going to be with the Senators. I had fun my three years in Florida, but Ottawa is the place I'm always going to remember because of the people and the success we had," said Pitlick.

Lance Pitlick.

Ottawa defensman Lance Pitlick scored his first goal of the season against the Leafs with a low shot to the stick side. "Only problem is I was going high on the glove side," he said.

Lance Pitlick.

Lance Pitlick of the Ottawa Senators after his team's elimination of the New Jersey Devils: "They never gave us credit at all. When we won, it was always something else besides the way we were playing. That's fine. They're the ones making the tee times."

Lance Pitlick.